Tina Brogan was told she needed a knee replacement, at the young age of 16 and back neck and shoulder surgery before 30. She knew she had to do something to repair the injuries she’d sustained from 10 plus years of swimming, softball, bowling, gymnastics and dance. And she wanted an avenue to improved health that didn’t involve any sort of surgery.

Enter Bikram yoga (also known as Hot 26). Tina couldn’t believe the difference in how she felt the very next day after her first class, and quickly realized that she wanted that feeling for the rest of her life. Within a short 2 months, Tina made the commitment to attend the intensive 9 week Bikram yoga program (2 classes/day and 40 hours per week of physiology instruction/week).

Over the 16 years since then, Tina has not only healed her injuries and reaped the physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga personally, she has also helped hundreds of others along their journeys to wellness through ownership of 2 studios and teaching yoga full time. Her commitment is evident in the interest Tina shows in every student, with the hope that each individual reaches and sustains a place in their life that balances the rewards of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Tina Brogan
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