Tammy Calvin

Yoga became a part of Tammy’s life over 10 years ago when she blindly stepped in to her first yoga experience, an advanced power vinyasa class. Her ego took over forcing her to keep pace with the beautiful and experienced yogis in the room and she realized quickly that ego led her astray. Feeling like she had the flu for a week after that first class, Tammy vowed she was giving yoga another try with a more sensible approach. After her third class, she was hooked. Fast forward 10 years, she has been teaching for almost 4 years and loves introducing people to their first yoga experience.


Tammy readily admits she tried yoga purely for physical reasons hoping to regain flexibility that she had lost over the years. As a ‘cardio junkie’, she felt she needed to be jumping, lifting, spinning or running with heart pounding for an activity to be doing her body good. So, she thought she was adding yoga to stretch and complement her exercise regime. As her flexibility returned, she also noticed she was building strength through yoga and quickly learned that the benefits extend beyond the physical body. She relies on the breath work when off her mat to still her on the most hectic of days contributing to her mental health. Another unexpected benefit she discovered is the support and comradery found in the yoga community. Strong ties have been formed over the years with people she met in yoga classes and those friendships have truly enriched her life.


As a yoga guide, Tammy wants to get others hooked on yoga especially those who are most resistant to practice. Having resisted herself, she understands why people might not want to give it a try but also understands why they should. She strongly believes yoga is for everyone and looks forward to meeting you on your mat soon.

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