The New Hot Couple: Strength Training & Yoga

STROGA? Is that it's celebrity nickname? Now it is. It's no secret that incorporating yoga and strength training together in your weekly workout routine has HUGE benefits to your mind, body, and soul, but what about combining the two in one specific class; intertwining a yoga flow with some squat presses & lunges, tossing in some HIIT body weight movements, and ending with flow again? To me, it sounds like a giant hodge podge of some of the best things we can do for ourselves these days, which is why we've come up with this exact special event class here at Carolina Yoga called "Warrior Strength," and man has it been amazing!

Here is the rundown. The full class is 90 min. 90 minutes is a long time, we get it. For some, it seems hard enough to find 10 extra minutes in a day, let alone 90! We realize this, but we also understand and see the value in allowing yourself this time to do something that will make you feel stronger in all areas of your life. The benefits of spending time working on yourself, and using your body in so many different ways and speeds is a game changer. This could be the missing link for a lot of people. Having both forms of fitness in one class allows you to get all of the amazing benefits of yoga; increased flexibility, increased serotonin levels, calms and restores, improves balance, helps you sleep, and much MUCH more, along with the amazing benefits of strength training; builds muscle, scorches calories, boosts energy levels, provides physical changes, and so on. This isn't traditional, and we realize this, but sometimes stepping out of the box is a good thing-- making way for something new and positive

How does the class work? Each Warrior Strength class has two teachers- a yoga teacher and a strength teacher (me!). The yoga teacher (our next one will be with Amber Sebbio on September 8th) takes the reigns and will start with a 25 min. flow to warm up and get into some hot power. I will then take over and do a 20 min. body weight strength workout tossing in some high intensity movements to get that heart rate up a bit here and there, but nothing that isn't safe to be done barefoot. Next, I lead into another 20 min. session of strength training using equipment. This is sweaty, scalable, doable, yet challenging. In a nutshell: worth it. Once we're done breaking down that muscle, Amber will take us through a 20 min. flow to cooldown into our final resting place, savasana. You will leave class feeling drained, yet fiery. Tired, yet alive.

Come spend some quality time with this new hot couple and join us for our next Warrior Strength class Saturday, September 8th at 10:00am. We can't WAIT to see you there and we look forward to giving you an experience you won't regret.

"You can do what I cannot do.

I can do what you cannot do.

Together we can do great things."

In good health,

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