Exercising While Pregnant: The Ins & Out

You're pregnant. After the whirlwind of emotions ( & maybe a little panic) dies down, it's time to begin your new normal. Your new 9 months of life where your health becomes significantly more crucial and important. From now on, focusing on your own health, happiness, and well-being is imperative. You read, and ask, and google everything there is to know about being pregnant. You start eating healthier, following all the rules, and you get more of rest. But what about working out? What can you do? What should you do? What should you avoid? These are all questions that are normal AND important for you to know. Before getting into this a little bit, I first have to say that all fitness activity should be discussed and cleared with your doctor. Any advice he/she gives you regarding YOUR pregnancy should be taken at the highest value. Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different... follow your course.

There are many benefits of exercising while pregnant. It'll help give you bouts of energy, help with self-confidence, stress-relief, strength, reduce back aches, help with constipation & bloating (yep, I went there), and also help prevent/treat gestational diabetes. Another great reason to exercise while pregnant is for the mental aspect. Providing yourself with a space where you can just focus on yourself for 40 min is huge in this process. Your body has been taken over, you have the responsibility of growing a human, and it can sometimes make you feel like you forgot who YOU are. An important fact to remember is that you need to make sure you are doing what you need to do to be your best self in order to be the best for everyone else. Having some time to work on your strength and get those endorphins rushing in, is a great way to feel happier and have a positive mindset for all you have to carry around. ((Pun intended))

While working out, make sure you are properly fueled and hydrated. Keeping hydrated is very important while pregnant. Walking, swimming, pre-natal yoga, running, strength training, & dancing are great ways to stay fit and active while pregnant. As you get further along in your pregnancy it's important to avoid exercises lying flat on your back,

or on your stomach, due to affecting blood flow. If you've strength trained before conceiving, you should continue! Building strength and endurance during this time will be HUGE in recovery and stamina in your new life 9 months from now.

Remember! Every pregnancy is different and it's important to listen to your body. Make sure you are doing all you can to take care of YOURSELF. 20-30 min. of low-impact, safe activity will do wonders for your health. Congratulations!

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