Two words: Kids Yoga.

They’re rambunctious. They’re moody. They’re distracted. They’re irrational. They’re impulsive. They’re tired. They’re emotional. They’re anxious. Most importantly, they're HUMAN and they need our help!

Kids these days have a lot going on. Aside from typical hormonal changes, they experience a lot on the day-to-day that hugely impact them. They struggle with pressures from peers, high expectations from adults, self-doubt, self-image issues, and the inability to properly channel energy. So how do we help ease their little growing minds? One of the answers to this question, which happens to be our FAVORITE answer, is yoga!

There has been a ton of research done on the positive impact yoga has on those who practice. More and more schools, gyms, studios, and parents are starting to explore the option for kids! Studies have shown that yoga benefits children both physically and psychologically. Aside from the child's overall strength and balance improving, students of all ages showed improvement in focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and behavior. As with anything designed for kids, yoga for kids is centered around play! They learn, grow, and communicate in a safe, group setting with a specifically trained teacher leading them. It sounds like a perfect place to learn and grow!

Here at Carolina Yoga, we fully support bringing a yoga practice to kids and encourage you to give it a try. We offer Teen Yoga weekly, and will have a Kids Yoga Camp on June 4th (check out our app and/or MindBody for class schedule & details)! We believe in the benefits yoga has on children and would love for you to experience these positivities first-hand with us!

"Through yoga, kids start to realize that they are strong and then are able to take that strength confidence, acceptance, and compassion out into the world." -Jessica Mei Gershen (Founder of Yoga For All Needs)

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