Allow Us to Re-Introduce Ourselves

Who are we?

This is a question that we hope is easily answered once you come into the studio, but it sure is fun to be able to explain all that we are and all we represent. We are a place of acceptance, growth, and community. Our classes are meant to challenge, invigorate, and empower you. From Express Hot Power, to Deep Stretch, to Pre-natal Yoga, to Kids Yoga, to Teen Yoga, to Express Strength, we have something for everyone. Our teachers are committed to making your time spent with us, the most beneficial and rewarding time of your day. We believe whole heartedly that it is our job to show you why we stand apart and we plan to do that every time you walk through our doors.

Community is the backbone of Carolina Yoga. We love to create and nourish all relationships with our members and the rest of our Fort Mill/Charlotte community. From our front desk staff to our teachers, everyone is ready and willing to make your experience at Carolina Yoga one to remember and excited to experience again.

What you need to know:

You will sweat. Our Yoga classes are challenging and intense. Our teachers are knowledgeable on how to give you the most bang for your buck in one class. In saying that, we accept and encourage all fitness levels to attend class. There are modifications and adjustments you can make (shown to you by our teachers) that will allow you to make it your own and tend to your current fitness level. We encourage you to try us out- even once, to feel for yourself all of the benefits of practicing yoga here at Carolina Yoga.

The most important thing you need to know about yoga is that it is most-definitely for YOU. No matter your profession or day-to-day life, you will benefit from shedding some sweat with us here at CY.

We welcome you- as you are- with open arms!

See you in class!

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