Sandy Tadlock

My yoga journey began several years ago while taking yoga classes at the gym as a
way to stretch my aching runner's body. Yoga was there, but only as a compliment to
my rigorous training. In 2013, after being diagnosed with late stage Gynecologic
Cancer, I underwent a grueling treatment that included internal as well as external
pelvic radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment weakened my pelvic bones and my
running, as well as my kettlebell training had to stop. I once again turned to yoga for
exercise, but this time something happened. I felt a different sort of shift in my body, but
more importantly. A bigger shift emotionally. Through my exploration with my new body,
I found a great love for Power Vinyasa Yoga, as it satisfied the need for intense training,
but with the compassion and self-love of Yoga- It was a match made in HEAVEN for

My time on the mat became a place of release, of prayer, and of deep internal healing.
My yoga practice had a profound effect on my view of life, and for finding gratitude in
life's everyday gifts. I felt that this shift was a deep emotional and intuitive calling to help
others find their own power, through intense movement and connection to the breath.
My 200hr teacher training took place in Charlotte with Bella Vita Yoga. I also became
certified at the 500hr advanced level in September 2018 with Rolf Gates. I AM MOST
. My Power yoga classes will challenge you, make you think outside the “Yoga pose”
and find a place that both inspires and empowers you. I strive to empower my students
with a sense of deeper connection to their bodies once all the barriers of self-limiting
beliefs are removed. Let’s move, breathe, sweat a little and empower each other!

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