I've always felt like yoga was something I would enjoy. I dabbled with yoga videos, but was too intimidated to actually set foot in a studio. Fate has its ways of leading you where you belong, and when a yoga series was offered to teachers in my school media center, I was hooked. I remember having an extra spring in my step after leaving that first class. Mentally and physically, I felt like a new person.


I needed more yoga in my life, and quickly came to realize that yoga studios become your second home. I was lead to teacher training because I want other people to feel the same way. When your mind, body, and breath are connected, it's truly life-changing. I completed my RYT 200 in June 2018 and Buti/Hot Buti certifications in May 2019.


I am excited to bring yoga to others in my community. Come to class expecting a light-hearted but challenging experience with a fun playlist!

Rachel Glibbery