Rachael Lary

Rachael is a music lovin’ traveling yogi. She loves art, creativity, expression and authenticity.


She began practicing yoga in college as a way to decompress from studying. Being a former competitive athlete, yoga seemed a little boring — until the day she walked into her first heated power class. All she needed to see were a few arm balances and a headstand before her gears were turning. She had always been fascinated with the body and its limitations. It took hearing herself say out loud, “Ill never get that pose,” only to achieve it in the same moment for her to recognize the minds tricks and the power of self talk. Her love for yoga quickly evolved. This practice was life changing,  mentally and physically — and she knew it. 


In 2012 Rachael obtained her 200RYT at Charleston Power Yoga, and last year she completed her 500RYT in Rishikesh, India at the World Peace Yoga School.


Yoga has and continues to teach Rachael about compassion, gratitude, ego-checking, acceptance, grace, and the importance of breath. Her classes aim to inspire radical self love and a blissful authenticity in every student.


Yoga became her moment to check in, be present, and listen to the body. Daily, she continues to witness the evolution and gratitude for this humble practice. With an open heart, she’s inspired to share the yogic path and further its’ valuable gift.