New to Carolina Yoga?

Useful Tips

  • Hydrate well before class
  • It's best to practice with a well nourished body and an empty stomach, so eat two or MORE hours before CLASS
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable to move and sweat in. Most of our classes are hot and humid
  • Avoid wearing perfumes/strong deodorants to class
  • We provide lockers to keep your personal belongings safe while you practice
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to your FIRST class
  • When you enter the studio to practice, align your mat with the TAPED spots on the floor
  • Mention any pre-existing injury or medical condition to the instructor and assistants at the beginning of class
  • Please silence all cell phones when you store them
  • Continue to hydrate after class

How many studio's do you have?

Our beautiful space features 3 practice labs (two heated, and one nonheated).

Do you offer any FREE amenities?

  • Towel service (hand towels, lavender sented savasana towels, and shower towels)
  • Pour yourself some delicious coffee before or after class. Custom made Carolina Yoga Roast coffee by Pure Intentions
  • Relax in our spa like accomidations in both men and women's locker rooms, including showers with complimentary local spa products, hair dryers, wood lockers, and more.
  • Relaxing music thoughout the studio

Where exactly is Carolina Yoga located?

We are located on 1309 Broadcloth Street St.104, Fort Mill, SC 29715. We are in the Kingsley Town Center and our entrance is near the Panera drive-thru.

What is hot yoga?

Our classes will be heated to 95° or hotter with humidity added. A class at high temperatures makes the body very warm and induces sweating. The intent is that the heat loosens your muscles and the sweat helps cleanse your body.

What are the benefits of hot yoga?

-Detoxification. -More intense workout. -Improves flexibility. -Build muscle tone. -Aid in weight loss. -Reduce stress. -Good for your skin.

New Student Special-$49/mo.