Lori Hillman

Lori is a self-proclaimed Instagram lover, animal worshiper, clothes freak and workout junkie. She has been a certified personal trainer and group instructor for well over the time cell phones have been out. Her family business is a national health and nutrition company, yet she is obsessed with kettle-corn and Diet Coke.


Lori believes that the perfect body is simply the healthiest version possible of the body you already have. It doesn't require anything you don't want to do, it just needs to be coaxed and prodded in a direction that makes a path to what you want to become. This can't happen overnight but it is obtainable! She believes her place at Carolina Yoga is not to place you in a pose, but help you develop the strength and confidence to get into that position.


We are all afraid of some aspect of exercise, but why not take the frustration out of your decision and learn a groundwork of core strength moves that will play out in your everyday routine? Holding in your abs is not just about making your pants feel less tight, it is about supporting the powerhouse that allows you to bend, reach and lift.


Lori enjoys helping her clients see that working out can be enjoyable, but she selfishly admits that the relationships she has formed through training have been a big reward. She believes that we are all different, yet the same, and that’s something to be celebrated. One of Lori’s favorite quotes to share is...."don't be afraid of being open minded, your brain is not going to fall out."

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