Jessica Stryjewski

Jessica took to first steps on her yoga journey in 2013 in college as part of a gym class fulfillment. A friend invited her to take the class together, where they would learn the basics of asana and the 8-limb path.


After moving to Florida for work, Jessica began to attend the local gym and play soccer recreationally, but something was still missing. She stumbled into a local yoga studio and started taking very gentle yoga at first. From there she worked up to more rigorous vinyasa classes and finally hot yoga classes. The physical discipline showed over time, but she stayed for the mental benefits. She found herself calmer at work, clear headed, and happier with life in general.


Despite another lull in her practice due to a move, Jessica took up practicing yoga in earnest in October of 2016 in Charlotte, NC. She found herself getting stronger and feeling that peace of mind settle over her again. She knew her practice was deeper than just a workout, that there was more to learn. Jessica’s teachers and friends in the yoga community recognized this understanding within her, and recommended for her to participate in a 200-hour teacher training course. After debating enrollment, Jessica realized she could not picture a life in which she wasn’t enrolled in YTT, and that answer was all she needed. She graduated from the Balanced Unity School under Mara Healy in December of 2017.


Jessica’s passion for yoga and for helping others learn drives her as a teacher and as a yoga practitioner. She strives to lead by example, and show that dedication to one’s practice is key.


One of the things Jessica loves about yoga is that it builds on itself. She believes you will see progress with consistent practice, if for some reason you are not able to practice consistently, you can always pick it back up again! There is always room for you on your mat.

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