Heather Mansson

Heather’s fascination with yoga began as a young child, watching her Dad’s yoga practice and replicating some of the poses she saw in his books (headstand being her favorite). Over time, and as she watched him raise four children and navigate life with grace and ease, her admiration and appreciation for the practice grew.

In 2005, her personal practice took form and she completed her first 200hr Teacher Training (Bodhi Tree Yoga) shortly thereafter while pregnant with her first child. Although yoga remained a pillar of her life, Heather focused her professional energies on healthcare, where she possesses a Doctorate in Pharmacy, and her personal energies on her family, being a mom of 3 wonderful children.

“I went into healthcare wanting to help people – and I did. But there was always this nagging itch drawing me to want to teach yoga.”


In 2017, Heather listened to the little voice, she completed a second 200hr Teacher Training (Y2 Yoga) and left her 17yr career in pharmacy to fully pursue her passion of teaching yoga.

Yoga has been her greatest teacher. Her practice has taken her back to the days when she was a little girl doing handstands for fun. “I have a tendency to take life too serious, but my yoga practice has taught me to live with softness and compassion for myself and others. Most of all, it gave me permission to experience joy and find the playful side of life.”


As a teacher, she now has the ability to truly and proactively help people in their lives and share the gifts that yoga has given her. “With yoga we can find a state a calm and acceptance with where we are, and when we are in that space we live with more grace and ease. Yoga has truly enriched my life, and I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to share that with others.”

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