Eric Stajos, originally from Michigan, created Carolina Yoga to be the first-class yoga studio he always wanted in Fort Mill. Although he resides in Charlotte, the corporate headquarters for his fireworks business is in Fort Mill, and he felt he needed to have great class times with excellent yoga close by. Eric's love of yoga started when he attended his first deep stretch class 4 years ago. From then on, he fell in love with the way the movement and breath calmed his mind, literally transformed his life, and strengthened his body. In January of 2017, Eric decided it was time to take the next step so he started creating Carolina Yoga and enrolled in teacher training. He is now a registered yoga teacher, and Carolina Yoga has gone from a dream on paper to an amazing reality! He hopes that this space can be a home for so many that, like him, want to transform their mind and body to a more complete "you.”

Eric Stajos