Brian found yoga in 2009 after losing a job in the great recession. It was suggested to him as a way to get him “out of his head” during that difficult time. He immediately fell in love with the practice, and began practicing regularly and studying the philosophy of yoga. After 10 years as a student of yoga, he finally signed up for a teacher training, and completed his 200‐hour certification at Carolina Yoga in 2019. With a full‐time “day job” as an attorney, Brian finds opportunities every day to apply the wisdom and practices of yoga to live a more peaceful life.


Brian is passionate about sharing not just the practices of yoga, but also the philosophy of yoga. Using creative sequencing and inspiring messaging, he designs his classes to be fun, challenging, and uplifting. He was also a music major in college, and music plays a big part of the experience in his class. Expect a mix of pop, reggae, hip‐hop, and meditation music designed to complement the sequences and messages.


Brian hopes that in every class you take away something more than just a great workout or a good stretch: a bit of wisdom you can apply to your life, a good laugh, a new favorite song, or just a higher vibe.

Brian Phillips