Many years ago, when she was far too young, Bettina suffered from pinched spinal discs which caused debilitating pain. She turned to yoga to strengthen and support her spine. Beginning with sun salutations, and progressively adding pose upon pose that built core and back strength, she ultimately healed her body and actually grew 3/4" taller!


There was no turning back. As her practice grew, she found that she could not only heal her body, but also her mind and spirit.


Having earned her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification through CorePower Yoga, Bettina is ready to teach others how getting into their bodies, connecting with their breath, and bringing their minds to stillness can foster compassion for themselves on their mats, and in turn, in their daily lives. It is her most impassioned belief that all things are possible through consistent practice.

Bettina Rappaport
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