By combining a spirit of playfulness, a dose of inspiration, and some creative sequencing, Amber Sebbio can help you thrive, on-and-off the mat. Each of her classes is carefully designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, helping you feel balanced and refreshed every time you visit.


She also specializes in yoga classes designed to support athletes and active people. She offers Deep Stretch classes to improve flexibility and range of motion for athletes and students who are stiff and sore. She also offers higher intensity classes designed to challenge her students who are looking to improve their fitness. These classes can help students improve their mental and physical performance in many areas of life. If you're looking for relaxation, relief, or to break through a plateau, try one of Amber's classes! 


Amber completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training with Goal Yoga, which taught her to create fun-loving vinyasa classes that integrate breath awareness and mindfulness into a practice that both challenges and supports her students.


Born and raised in Ohio, Amber has made yoga a big part of her life for more than 10 years. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, flexible, and fearless - on-and-off the mat.

Amber Sebbio
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